About Us

About Company

ISPAGRO Robotics is a start-up working towards engineering solutions to prevailing problems with an innovative approach. We are currently developing drones for addressing problems in the agricultural industry, with unique and original designs that could be applied to other sectors as well such as defence, inspection and maintenance, firefighting etc. For more information on the applications of our technology in other sectors, please see the industries section. ANGULAIR is the registered brand name of ISPAGRO Robotics.

Our Mission

We believe in providing responsive, safe, and trusted robotic solutions to our clients with the highest-quality, most dependable.

Our Vision

To be considered among the primary in the industry, design and governmental, and consumer’s industries by our customers, competitors and agencies.

Our Experience

Our market focus period vast range of project types – each one challenging unique, client-focused solutions.

Our Team

We are the talented individuals, who love a fast-paced work environment.


About Team

The company was founded by agriculturists who have a clear understanding of the challenges and threats in the field. They have worked with the problem for more than 10 years with Automation industry experience in Rapid Prototyping, Scaling, and Product Development Life Cycle. The team currently has 5 highly motivated engineers with over 4 years of UAV flying experience, and we are constantly looking for dedicated and experienced individuals with an innovative mind. Please see the careers section if you would like to work with us.

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